Sunny Lake is a platform dedicated to community-based clinical research

Fostering a more inclusive and cost-effective clinical research environment


Improving research quality by ensuring data availability, process validity and transparency


Diversifying clinical research actors involved in a collaborative clinical research model


Tokenizing health data sharing. From capture to usage through incentivized collaboration

Unnecessary friction and risks hinder collaboration and inclusion

Health Data

Difficult to obtain, share and use due to security, scarcity and diverse formatting

Incentivize data capture, sharing and usage for more inclusive and cost-effective clinical research


Centralized and discontinuous data processing introduces major risks of alteration

More actors involved in a collaborative clinical research model which will catalyze more opportunities and more collabroation

Discover our use-cases

Fast clinical research prototyping

Empowering the community with quick, qualitative and scalable study-design services available to patients and professionnals

Patient-designed clinical research

Patients and patients associations can now become sponsors and benefit from increased visibility and credibility

Decentralized surveys

For a more transparent, cost-effective and transparent patient recruitment, informed consent collection and survey completion

An ecosystem of actors

Partnering with third-party developers to offer synergetic clinical research services, boosting the network value

Our working prototype

Currently under development, our decentralized application will allow patients to participate in clinical research surveys.

Surveys are fully managed on the blockchain: from creation to completion, we ensure data validity and security throughout the process.

Combined with patients consent collection via cryptographic document signature, we provide an ecosystem with the first fully functioning, onchain clinical survey engine.